House Number Project

In an emergency situation can emergency medical services, fire, or law enforcement quickly find your home?

If not, please consider purchasing a sign for your home address in four inch reflective numbers.  Today, enhanced 911 telephone service provides the dispatcher with the specific street address from a 911 call, even if the caller is not able to provide that information.  These signs help our staff locate your address in the event of an emergency.

Valuable minutes may be lost in responding to your 911 call because of difficulty finding the caller’s correct address.

What better gift can we give our family and friends than this critical life-saving home identification? 

Southwest Harbor – Tremont Ambulance Service in partnership with Penobscot County Triad wants as many homes numbered as possible. 

You may choose to purchase just the reflective numbers (on a strong aluminum backer) to be applied in a highly visible location near your front door or at the end of the driveway; or a mailbox sign and bracket; or choose to additionally purchase the steel stake which is ready for installation.

We would be happy to install the sign for you!  For assistance call 207.244.3521.


  • $12.00 for the PACKAGE- two single sided signs, post and bolt. 
  • $ 9.00 for one single sided sign, post and bolt.
  • $ 9.00 for double sided sign and mail box bracket (top mount).  Mailbox mount requires homeowner to drill two holes on top of mailbox for installation.
  • $ 6.00 for a single sided sign.

Penobsoct County Triad is a volunteer non-profit organization whose primary mission is the safety of seniors. These signs, meeting the 911 standards are  manufactured by the Penobscot County Jail Inmate Work Program. ​

Number sign for mailbox

Number sign on steel stake

Number sign on steel stake

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