Andrew Braley
David Buccello
Dwayne Pinette, Quality Assurance Officer
Sean Hall
Maria Hoyt


Lance Bishop
Bonnie Norwood, Safety & Infection Control Officer


Michael Allen, Training Officer
Kelly Brown
Clayton Gilley, Jr. Administrator, Service Chief
Vanessa Millay
Sharon Morrell
Kyle Rounsavall
Julia Rudnick
Hannah St. Amand


Carlie Boyles
Ashley Gardner
Susan Haggstrom
Patrick Hall
Kristin Hutchins, Crew Chief
Matt LaJoie

Board of Directors

Andy Cline, President
Dave Ashworth, Vice-president
Kristin Hutchins, Secretary
Colleen Maynard, Treasurer
Alan Feuer
Mike Brengs
Sonia Field
Mary-Anna Fox
Bonnie Norwood
Jeff Prentice
Ken Rozsahegyi
Colton Sanborn
​Shirley Soukup

Ambulance Operating Committee

Tom Adams, M.D., Member from the Community at Large
Clay Gilley, Service Chief
Kristin Hutchins, Crew Chief, Board of Directors
Shirley Soukup, Board of Directors