Southwest Harbor-Tremont Ambulance provides 24-hour ambulance service to the towns of Southwest Harbor and Tremont on Mount Desert Island, Maine. If you dial 911, we will help you, whether you need emergency medical care and an ambulance ride to the hospital, or if you have simply fallen and need assistance.  

We have an EMT on duty 24/7.  We respond to about 400 calls a year and our average response time is less than seven minutes. We have two Type III fully equipped ambulances and a crew of 20+, including non-medic drivers, and EMT’s through to Paramedics.

The late Reggie Hudson donated studded snow tires in 2011. Sonia Field, President of the Nursing Service, and Dave Robertson, EMT, gratefully accept.

We participate in a number of community activities, including: medical oversight of a senior exercise program, flu shot clinics, EMS support for local events, school programs, and a house-number sign program.

The Southwest Harbor-Tremont Nursing Service, Inc., which operates the ambulance service, is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.  We are governed by a Board of Directors of community members.  Our annual budget is about $280,000.  Medicare, MaineCare, insurance payments and co-payments support only about half.  Taxpayers of the Towns of Southwest Harbor and Tremont contribute a little over a third. 

Ambulance operations are supported through fees, tax dollars, and donations.  25% of our calls are not billable.   We depend upon the generosity of our neighbors to support our neighbors.  Yours donations, no matter how small are gratefully accepted!  You may mail any donation you wish to make to the address below.  And THANK YOU!